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Maintenance Service

SGE Maintenance Service Centre 

Welcome to SGE Maintenance Service Centre

Spring Green Evolution provide maintenance serivce for all models of vacuum sealers, gas, electric oven, etc. With a team of professional technicians, more than 20 years of experience. We are ready to repair, distribute spare parts of all models at cheap prices, standardized, quality assurance by a team of skilled technicians.

Our Team 

Skilled technican team, more than 20 years experience, where you can trust

Repair service repair vacuum sealer VCECO Repair service repair vacuum sealer VC99 Repair service repair vacuum sealer VCC05

Repair of semi-industrial vacuum sealers VC-ECO

Repair Industrial Vacuum Sealer 

Repair Double Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Vacuum Sealer Repair Service 

How does vacuum sealer work ? 

Vacuum Sealer consists of two main phases: The first one is to suck out the air and the second one is to seal the bag. The important usage is to preserve food, raw materials to always maintain good quality, prevents destruction from the air, moisture and bacteria. There are two types of vacuum sealers: larger models for commercial use and smaller sealers for home use. Each of them will have a unique approach to solving the problem.

Vacuum Sealer Repair Services

There are numerous factors that could cause your vacuum sealer to stop working. It could be either the sealing or vacuuming process. The error during the sealing process could be caused by the heating rod not fully functioning properly, resulting in air leakage into your product. In terms of the vacuum process, it could be a vacuum pump issue. With our experience and skills, we can ensure that your machines will function as if they were brand new.


Vacuum sealer repair - repair technician 4 Vacuum sealer repair - repair technician 6 Vacuum sealer repair - repair technician 5

Check for symptoms by a professional technician.

Bakery oven repair, electric oven

Solve problems on the spot, fix them quickly


Electric/Gas Oven Repair Service 

How does electric oven work ? 

Electric oven uses electricity to generate heat. Combining with the heat sensors, the temperature can be controlled. Electric oven is a significant kitchen assistant, with automatic function, it can keep the heat stable, and helps make the baking process more perfect than ever. 

How does gas oven work ? 

Apart from the electric model, our gas model use gas to generate heat for your food. However, our gas oven will be combined with electric control pannel to increase the temperature stability. It can be used for variety types of food and can make a large amount of food at the same time.

Electric/Gas  Oven Repair Service

Some of the common problems could be the oven does not work, does not heat up. It may be caused by the broken heater, unable to generate the heat, it could be caused by a blown fuse power outlet failure, etc. Another problem could be the temperature sensor, which leads to unstable temperature control. Some other errors are the machine does not turn on, the heater is high, the lamp doesn’t turn on, the fan doesn’t distribute the heat evenly, etc. All those problems cause the machine to not work properly. Our maintenance is confident to fix all of these problems, make your oven as good as new. 


Vacuum sealer repair - repair technician 8 Vacuum sealer repair - repair technician 9

gas oven repair fast

Confident with our quality team

Service with cheap spare parts


Freezer Repair Service 

Efficient cooling system Suitable for long-term food storage. It can be used for households, businesses and industries. Preservation of the food is very important, if stored properly, the taste, smell, color and nutritional value of the food can be preserved as well.

Some common problems could be the compressor can’t start by itself. This problem may occur from obstruction of the pipe system, and the current flows through the compressor beyond the limit of  internal equipment. Some symptoms of a broken machine could be water leaks, broken wires, leaking fluids, and the compressor doesn’t work.


Vacuum sealer repair - repair technician 10

We take into account the use

by professional technician

Always check before selling


Maintenance Process 

Machine breaks down causing interruption in production, contact us immediately for timely advice.

  1. Call/Whatsaap/email SGE with attached picture/video of machine
  2. SGE technician to find out the cause of problem.
  3. SGE assign a technician to visit your location or transportation to pick up the machine to our service center
  4. SGE inform customer repair quotation based on spare part fee and labour fee.
  5. Customer to confirm the quotation and make payment.
  6. SGE technician to start the repair process
  7. Customer to test machine and self collect at SGE service center or delivery arrangement by SGE

Repair process take 1-4 weeks depending on the availability of spare parts and machine’s problem
Machines: Vacuum machine ( all types), Sealing machine (all types), Stand Mixer, Dough Mixer, Meat cutting machine, Vegetable cutting machine, and other food processing and packaging machines.


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