Hot Air Oven – GE Black (12/16 trays)
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Hot Air Oven – GE Black (12/16 trays)

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  • Produced from quality stainless steel grade 304, supporting the standard of FOOD GRADE and FDA (FDA).
  • Controlled by 100% electrical system, more convenient and safer
  • Easy to use, works with the intelligent control sytem, can set the heat and baking time
  • Easy to install, just plug in 220V home power (400W – 2000W)
  • Save more energy with a control system that cuts off the heater (heater) every time when the temperature reaches as desired
  • Strong, durable, designed according to standards.
  • Magnetic door, easy to use, heat does not leak
  • Tempered glass door. Strong and beautiful. Can also view the product without opening the cabinet.

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  • 7 days easy returns
  • 1 year warranty for all machinery products


Drying machine removes moisture from the product. Use to dry dried fruit, dried meats, herbs, grains, dehydrated foods, and various food processing

Drying machine Semi industrial-Review

The hot air dryer has been designed with the technology of the dehumidification of the raw materials. The machine works by using hot air from the fan and electric heater, distribute air with appropriate temperature into the cabinet, allowing hot air to pass through the product thoroughly.

All circuits are controlled by a digital computer box via touch screen and temperature sensor to maintain precise temperature 



TVC (Product introduction video)


REVIEW (Video tutorial)


The temperature range is 30-90 ° C. 

TIPS: Using dehydrator to dry food and vacuum sealer to pack and extend shelf life 



Model  6Trays 12Trays 16Trays 32Trays
Electric current 10A 10A 10A 16A
Electric power 220v/400w 220v/1000w 220v/1000w 220v/2000w
Baking temperature 30-90 °C 30-90 °C 30-90 °C 30-90 °C
Timer function 24 hour
Oven size 40x46x30cm 40x46x48cm 40x46x62cm 80x46x62cm
Sieve size 37x29cm 37x29cm 37x29cm 37x29cm
Internal capacity 25 liter 60 liter 80 liter 170 liter
Machine weight 12kg 18kg 21kg 38kg
Number of floors 6layers 12layers 16layers 32layers
Machine material  201 Stainless steel
Sieve material  304 Stainless steel
Power cord length 1.5Meter
Heat insulation Install






Tray dryer, which will put the raw materials on the tray, grill, or porous plate. Hot air will be blown parallel to the surface, passed between the layers of the food, causing it to gradually dry. Hot air that is not at high speed which help to prevent any vibration or heat shock for food, no damage from breakage. (Be extra careful with fragile food such as herbs) 


The dehydrator uses electric system suitable for drying various raw materials.

Modern designs

Compatible with a wide variety of food 

Use electric power system and propeller to let the hot air to dry, heat up to 30-90 degrees

Heat-proof grips, no gloves is needed.


  • Produced from quality stainless steel grade 304, following the standard of FOOD GRADE and FDA
  • Controlled by 100% electrical system, more convenient and safer
  • Provides consistent heat with an automatic temperature control system
  • Save 50% more time than natural sunlight. Reduce work steps.
  • Easy to use, works with the intelligent control system, can set the heat and time
  • Easy to install, just plug in 220V home power (400W – 2000W)
  • Save more energy with a control system that cuts off the heater when the temperature reaches desired level
  • Installing insulation systems  at the top of the machine to keep the internal temperature stable and save energy
  • Strong, durable, design
  • 1 year warranty.
  • 4 sizes from 6 trays – 32 trays according to your needs
  • Magnetic door, easy to use, prevent from heat leaking 
  • Tempered glass door. Strong and beautiful

TIPS: If you are looking for a hot air dryer with high production capacity, we recommend a hot air oven industrial model.

Or if you are looking for Tools to help store your raw materials and extend shelf life, we recommend vacuum sealer

Drying machine Semi industrial-size drying machine






1. Arrange your food

2. When the arrangement is completed, put the grill into the oven and close the door.

3. Turn on the device, set the time and temperature

4. When finished, remove the shelve from the oven.


  1. Plug the plug into the house power, turn on the switch on the back of the machine
  2. Place the product, arrange them together so that there is space and rows.
  3. Put the tray into the oven. Lay flat on the floor And close the glass door
  4. Press the power button on the – to start using.
  5. Press the Timer button to adjust the time. To use in baking by pressing the + or – button to increase and reduce the time
  6. Set the temperature by pressing the Temp button to enter the command and press the + or – button to increase and decrease the temperature to match the raw materials.
  7. Wait until the baking time expired. The device will sound an alarm when the timer expired.
  8. Open the cabinet to remove the product. Should be careful about the heat from the grill, should wear gloves or have heat protection equipment
  9. Take it out to rest to release heat from the product.
  10. Switch off the power button.                                                                                                                                       


** When the device has a temperature of 90 degrees, the device will turn off automatically, so do not use more than the specified temperature To preserve the machine

** Always wipe and clean the machine after every use. In order to preserve the device for longer use



Before – after baking the dragon fruit is drying up within a few minutes

Before-after baking pineapple slices

Before-after baking mango slices Dry and sticky



(Product Warranty Conditions)

Warranty for a new device from the date of purchase is 1 year. This warranty does not cover any products or parts. That has been damaged or damaged due to
1. There are abnormal conditions in the form of a broken, broken, chipped, bent, collapsed, deformed, cracked, pierced, missing part.

2. The product has been modified, or repaired by someone other than the company service center.

3. There is a condition that should not occur with normal use or incorrect storage, such as water stains, rust marks, moss, burns

4. Products have been used incorrectly or have incorrect storage. Or an accident with the product

5. Damage caused by connecting peripherals

6. Product damage due to external factors such as power failure, overload, lightning etc.

7. Damage caused by natural disasters

8. Damaged products resulting from neglect not to clean after use

*** Note

– If the product is not within the warranty terms, customer send the machine to our service center to repair



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Size 6 trays (25 liters), Size 12 trays (60 liters), Size 16 trays (80 liters), Size 32 trays (170 liters)

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